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2015.04.05 - Make Every Drop Count

Earth Date 2015.04.05

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Everyone is daily pouring lifeblood into the things they love or care about in an effort to express, seize, find and validate many definitions of life's meaning.

2012.06.21 - Alaska In A Hurry

Earth Date 2012.06.21

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Reflecting through a bevy of IM and email messages from my father regarding a trip to Alaska had me concerned. I arranged to meet him on a layover in ATL so that we could talk a little about it.

2012.02.27 - Feeling A Little Scorched

Earth Date 2012.02.27

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Painfully compelled to throw away perfectly good stuff.

2011.03.21 - A Reset Of Sorts

Earth Date 2011.03.21

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A simple engine swap became much more as a timeline and want list grew. The answer that made most sense is to buy another beater so the "real" car could be put blocks and a thorough going through.

2010.08.21 - Do You Still Like It

Earth Date 2010.08.21

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When I pre-ordered my iPad 3G in April I had a lot of people say they were going to wait for the prices to drop since the tablet probably wasn't going to take off like Apple was saying it would. Then my iPad arrived in May and people looked at...

2010.11.08 - Finally Success With Multiple Tomcat Services

Earth Date 2010.11.08

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Getting three tomcat services running independently on our Windows 2003 has been problematic for quite some time. I've gone through the process several times and always ended up doing something wrong that forced me to start over.

2010.09.08 - Best Of What Breed

Earth Date 2010.09.08

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When software marketers and evangelists go to work and win your heart there's no escape. Little do they know that eventually their following will become dis-enamored and leave.

07/30/2010 - It's All In Perspective

Earth Date 07/30/2010

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Sometimes it helps to take a little perspective on things but usually a lot more perspective is better. From a chuckle during that explosive tantrum to the tempered silence when a running bull squashes your toes; perspective counts a lot.

07/30/2010 - I Hate Apple

Earth Date 07/30/2010

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I hate l33t speak. Coldstone Ice cream makes me want to hurl. I think Acura makes the junkiest cars on earth. GigaPixel is not cool.

07/29/2010 - Bitter Taste Of Failure

Earth Date 07/29/2010

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The bitter taste of failure doesn't necessarily result in your own shortcomings. Tasting someone elses failure can be really gruesome especially if you expected more from them. No one is immune to failure but everyone can take measures to prevent a repeat performance.

07/21/2010 - Writing In Isolation

Earth Date 07/21/2010

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Ommwriter is an immersive and simple writing tool that gives it\'s best experience with headphones on.

07/15/2010 - Jruby And Rails Gets Warbled

Earth Date 07/15/2010

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I just went through migration of a little concept app on my local machine that has become a piece of our helpdesk business process. The app is a jruby on rails venture that uses ExtJS for the front end.

07/14/2010 - Laughably Wrong

Earth Date 07/14/2010

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Sometimes we stumble onto something so insanely wrong that it deserves a chuckle. Enter the Referral Class in a rails app.

2010.01.07 - My Most Enjoyable Year In Computing

Earth Date 2010.01.07

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My last year using Apple products has been my best year in computing ever. Although I love my ThinkPad running linux in all of it's painful freedom, the Macs are hands down the winner for me as a developer.

2010.03.27 - An Unwanted Visitor

Earth Date 2010.03.27

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Lately I've pretty much hit the point of maximum saturation. It seems every turn brings something new and somewhat unchartered for me. I welcome the challenges and am thankful to be able to grow through them all. I'm pretty much on a daily adventure, a "walk in the wilderness" of...

2010.02.18 - Say What?

Earth Date 2010.02.18

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There might be nothing that can get you in trouble quicker than your mouth. The unbridled tongue can end up doing irreparable damage, plant seeds that lead to certain downfall, and in general make you out to be a fool. From biblical inspiration to common professional knowledge there is a...

2010.02.09 - Woot! The Payload

Earth Date 2010.02.09

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With mixed feelings of joy and despair I gazed at the flashing lights on Woot\! The flashing lights indicate a Woot-off has begun and the great calling to prepare for 24 - 72 hours of constant polling dredges a squeamish feeling in the pit of my stomach. You can only...

2010.02.02 - Apple And A New Slice Of The Pie

Earth Date 2010.02.02

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January 27th Apple introduced it's new creation, the iPad. I met the announcement with low expectations since the tablet market isn't one I've had a lot of interest in, but by the end of the presentation I was totally on board. A big, powerful iPod is what I keep seeing...

2009.12.10 - I Just Forgot

Earth Date 2009.12.10

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After banging away in Lotus Notes and the Domino Designer for a migration project we were doing at work I returned to the Ruby world I have been warming up to for most of this year. I had no longer opened my terminal window when someone came to me requesting...

2009.12.09 - Expect More

Earth Date 2009.12.09

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I was running late for work the other day and ended up behind a moving wall. As traffic moved slowly along I had lots of time to *smell the roses* so to speak. I found myself reading the advertising information on a trailer in front of me when I noticed...

2009.12.01 - My First Rubygem

Earth Date 2009.12.01

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Today I finished making a fork of jekyll that allows me to generate my static sites with a context of my choosing from the command line. This became really important to me when starting to generate RSS feeds for my blog. If you haven't used jekyll then you might check...

2009.11.29 - Falling Down

Earth Date 2009.11.29

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I get a real kick out of the bickering in evolutionary circles concerning the Neanderthal man. I hear that race of humanoids actually digressed in knowledge and skill. Whether it's all true or not about them actually getting dumber as time went on, I can only imagine what it might...

2009.11.10 - Just Stuff

Earth Date 2009.11.10

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I like stuff. The stuff I surround myself with doesn't have to be techie or new, it doesn't even have to be cool. Things that are going to be in my possesion are just things I like, things I use, or things I'd like to use. Sometimes my stuff is...

2009.11.06 - Long Time No See

Earth Date 2009.11.06

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All those glorious promises of posting more often, sharing more, and just generally keeping something fresh on the blog have been broken. It appears I was a little overzealous for my own good... or maybe I just let too much creep into life and stuff started slipping. See the blog...

2009.03.27 - Balsamiq Ain't A Salad Dressing

Earth Date 2009.03.27

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I've recently been exposed to a mockup tool called Balsamiq. I'd recommend a visit to their site and a test drive of the tool. Balsamiq not only is endowed with a fairly endearing "sketchy" interface... but also touts virtually everything you need to create mockups that convey exact thoughts in...

2009.01.21 - Learning To Forget

Earth Date 2009.01.21

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I have always been annoyed at being locked into Windows for anything... perhaps my greatest disappointment in Lotus Notes arose when they trapped their entire development community into Windows since(today) the R5, R6, R7, and R8 Domino Designer client is only available in Windows. But enough of that nonsense.

2009.01.20 - Fooling Around With Ruby

Earth Date 2009.01.20

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Firstly I must clarify that, though fun for me on this post, Ruby is not a woman. Ruby is a pretty nice language that I am coming into awareness on and this post covers a solution using Ruby. There are at least two things you might derive from this post....

2009.01.19 - I Wanna Be A Good Cook

Earth Date 2009.01.19

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It was a rushed morning and as i attempted to fly out the front door to work I was hoping... praying that my lunch would be available via leftovers. As I opened the refrigerator door to see what might be available for lunch dining i found a container of beef...

2008.08.13 - Rad Might Be Bad

Earth Date 2008.08.13

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I've been an observer of discussions recently where the existence of RAD environments/tools are called into question. Discussions revolved around Lotus Notes, Rails, .Net and included some other random references to tools that put development power in the hands of people that really don't deeply understand technology. Talking through languages...

2008.08.05 - Dishonor And Dishonesty

Earth Date 2008.08.05

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Today I had one of the most frustrating and troubling experiences of my life. I was hit by another car in forward traffic this morning. This car, by the way had just dangerously cut me off during my morning commute. After slowing down and avoiding the accident I switched lanes...

2008.07.31 - The Gentle Sigh Of Despair

Earth Date 2008.07.31

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The temperature outside was 93 degrees... but that was nothing compared to the heat coming off our internal customers. Someone had been overpaid by several thousand dollars recently and heads were going to roll if something like that EVER happened again. The group responsible for payment came to IS and...

2008.07.21 - Things That Don't Belong

Earth Date 2008.07.21

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Someone walked up to me giggling and showed me his brand new iPod... it took a couple seconds for me to recognize what was on his screen... a picture of an egg in a toaster oven. As I gazed at the picture and attempted to fathom the reasoning behind an...

2008.08.13 - Too Many Parsing Styles

Earth Date 2008.08.13

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I recently worked a project where I wanted to import some externally maintained properties/configurations for my program. As I looked at the MANY different formats and parsing techniques we are using at work I realized that everyone who made a configurable piece of code would create a totally different format...

2008.06.20 - Code Post Number One

Earth Date 2008.06.20

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It seems there is a never ending batch of little tasks I need to do that I can't seem to find reusable code for. So I write it myself. Problem is that I don't seeing anyone else on my team using it or even interested in knowing what the stuff...

2006.09.03 - Oh To Be Dorothy

Earth Date 2006.09.03

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So, there she is just enjoying life. I sit here and watch Dorothy gliding up to each person walking by, begging for their attention. She has to keep moving, that's how she gets attention. And when she gets you hooked, boom, score, drop a little morsel for her to eat....

12/31/2005 01:15 AM - Finishing Out 2005

Earth Date 12/31/2005 01:15 AM

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Here we are shutting down 2005. Just look at the year with all its glory, dreams, disappointments, debt, and that snide grin that tells you time is really not on your side.

2005.08.09 - Fiend Or Friend

Earth Date 2005.08.09

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I purchased my Sotec 820P nearly three years ago for 899.00 @ Sams Club. The notebook does not measure up to my Thinkpad or Toshiba \(Tecra/Sattellite Pro\) exposure. It was a gamble based on musings that the laptop playing field had pretty much leveled off. Pretty much I had been...