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Make Every Drop Count

Earth Date 2015.04.05

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Everyone is daily pouring lifeblood into the things they love or care about in an effort to express, seize, find and validate many definitions of life's meaning. Why blood? The other day I responded to a YouTube troll with a statement in humor: "Everything leads to death". Such a simple...

Alaska In A Hurry

Earth Date 2012.06.21

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Yukon Panorama

Reflecting through a bevy of IM and email messages from my father regarding a trip to Alaska had me concerned. I arranged to meet him on a layover in ATL so that we could talk a little about it. As we sat in Hartsfield Int'l...

Feeling A Little Scorched

Earth Date 2012.02.27

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In the past year I've had entirely too many companies forcing me into near shutdown. I totally get the need for businesses to be profitable and the fact that I am unable to move forward and slip into the theology of "bigger better newer" buying craziness probably makes me expendable...

A Reset Of Sorts

Earth Date 2011.03.21

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Last year my 1991 Acura Legend began smoking a lot. In the 90 degree summer heat I felt really bad for all the people behind me driving with A/C issues since my daily driver was emitting noxious vapors at every stop-start in rush hour traffic. I knew I was...

Do You Still Like It

Earth Date 2010.08.21

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When I pre-ordered my iPad 3G in April I had a lot of people say they were going to wait for the prices to drop since the tablet probably wasn’t going to take off like Apple was saying it would. Then my iPad arrived in May and people...

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