Woot! The Payload

Persistence pays off sometimes

Earth Date 2010.02.09

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For the thousands of people who make Woot! a daily stop for internet deals, the flashing lights marking a woot-off strike feelings of fear and joy all at once. Woot! is a daily deal site with the slogan "One Day. One Deal - Woot.com". Everything from Flush Lights to GPS systems could be found as a feature product any given day, but the woot-off is special. A woot-off is like the mega-blast clearance sale of all things woot. About once a month the great sadist cult that drives Woot! will beckon the throngs of masochistic web shoppers that frequent their site. As shoppers are lured into the game that is a woot-off we see LCD Televisions, remote controls, expensive knives, GPS Systems, Cookware, and everything else fly in and out of the page banner all adorned with the "I want one" button taunting things along.

Much of the product line is obscurely branded merchandise or niche items that are relatively uncommon in the marketplace. If you have time there is great entertainment factor in the discussions around each item being sold. Beware that Woot! is not for the fragile shopper. Sarcasm and defiance to common marketing approaches is heavily peppered through the site. Woot! marketing is an unbiased offender of about any product they sell, something that attracts the special breed of shopper that ultimately falls in love with Woot!

There are few items common between woot-offs, but one can almost assuredly plan on seeing Bacon Salt, Sansa MP3 players, Philips LCD TVs, and a "Bag of Random Crap". Of all the items sold at each woot-off the ragged band of shoppers are most interested in seeing the "Boggy old Creature" show up on the block. Boggy old Creature is replacement verbaige for Bag of Crap, you see… Woot! has some logic that changes potentially offensive terms into something a little more palatable.

Enough of the crash course though. This last woot-off I actually scored a "Bag of Random Crap" and true to it’s name my 3 dollar gamble resulted in the following payload.

January 2010 BoC

And in my classic form I also bought 3 28" Screaming Monkeys.

Don’t ask why… just goto Woot! and buy. And when you are done there nip over to 1 Sale a Day